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A Sharper, Heavier and More Valuable Anointing — 8 Comments

  1. Some one said that it speaks to them, well I say that it speaks to me as well. Thank You Veronika for your obedience to the Lord. Carol Morrow.

  2. This word will be fulfilled when Christians come out of the institutional churches.  Any institution takes on a life of its own, and requires its own organisational leadership, which is inevitably distinct from the headship of Christ over an assembly or ekklesia of believers.

    Christians get hurt when their expectations are of the freedom of being in a family of fellow believers but discover this is being restricted by the demands of an organisation, called a “church”, that has a corporate agenda, called a “vision”, led by an individual and team who know mainly those closest to them in the organisational pecking order.

  3. Muddy waters is right wasn’t that the name of a band as well?
    I pray I can be an axe that will rise to the surface.
    Praise the I AM.

  4. My whole life is a muddy puddle of despair and confusion w/o Spirit gifts and direction because denominational 3-fold fake gospel w/zero power or direction…
    Even My Verse is Isaiah 43:18,19 but blocked to even praying in tongues eventhough i KNOW it’s Biblical…

    Praying for the Breakthrough waiting don’t understand…

  5. From someone who was deeply wounded by church leadership, I have to say that this is the most refreshing, and on time word I’ve heard in a long time.
    I receive every single word!

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