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A Smallness Vision — 2 Comments

  1. You are so right! There are so many giants in my life right now, particulalry with family and finances. But God is in the process of defeating and even slaying those giants while this message is being written! Thanks for the encouraging update, its great to be able to watch and see this come to pass!!  halelujah!!!!

  2. During my trip home from work I prayed to the Lord that He would give me a vision of what is ‘going on’ in the spiritual realm because just as your brother David I am (before people invisible and quietly) obedient in the smallest of details to God’s commandments and the mocking ‘giant’ did appear today (again) and I almost could not believe this happened again because I thought this specific giant was defeated and I said to God that this seems so ‘big’ so I need to know how to act!
    Just some hours later I got the answer. Halleluja!
    Thank you precious brother in Christ!

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