A Storm is Brewing! — 2 Comments

  1. Dearest Stephen,
    Will we be ready? I’m concerned many of us will not.
    I recently had a dream. In it, the date was the 10th (of which month, I do not know). Then I learned that Jesus was returning ~ on the 11th ~ and I went into a panic and remember saying, “But I’m not ready!!!”
    In the dream, it didn’t feel as though the Return was a mere 24 hours, or less, away. Only that it was extremely nigh…. And not to be caught, unprepared!!
    I rarely remember dreaming and this is one that has really stuck with me. Mainly because I feel I’m not personally ready to meet my Maker ~ and that, in itself, frightens me.
    Add to it, the fact I don’t feel I’m fulfilling my destiny ~ and that I’m running out of time to do so.
    The Lord has shown me many things, as of late, that I would like to share with you. Is there another method I could use to reach you? He has recently opened my eyes to the spiritual realm… And it all goes right in line with one of your prophecies re: plumb lines.
    I could use some wise counsel since I haven’t anyone to discuss these new gifts and information with.
    In His Grace,
    Lisa Austin

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