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  1. Hi Jo Ellen.
    Your dream reminds me of the Words the Lord spoke to me some years ago. He said, “When your looking at yourself, your not looking at me.”
    Getting ready for Church IS looking at Him. I tossed my makeup, my hair, my wardrobe, my fancy job (with company vehicle) so no car, my old “friends” and my reputation into the garbage. Needless to say all hell broke loose. This seems extreme doesn’t it? This was in complete obedience to the Lord’s Call for such a time as this. Its been almost six years now and never once have I lacked. I don’t look the way the world likes anymore so rejection is a daily event. But so what, this time is but a drop in the Eternal Ocean…a vapor. It’s been the most uncomfortable and the most beautiful years of my life, but I refuse to be found sleeping, or primping, when He arrives. I began to fast and pray and devour His Word, day and night!! I didn’t sleep much, and still don’t. I’m persecuted day and night by bullies I’ve learned to love and pray for, only by His Grace. I’ve had to completely die to self. In this hour anything less will be persuaded by the great deception…even the Elect, if that were possible.
    I pray for the Church to wake up and cast off the world which is passing away. Even a toenail in the door is enough bring us to the depths. He’s coming for a Pure, Spotless, Blameless, Insideout, Wrinkle Free Bride, and He deserves no less.
    Bless your beautiful heart for sharing your dream JoEllen. Your posts have inspired and encouraged me.
    Thank you :)

  2. Amen to what you have dreamed and are sharing. We have a place of refuge within us as we gather in our home church of 12 to 14. We worship, study, pray and fellowship with one another. It is a place of safety and the Spirit of the Lord is with us. We are but ordinary people from many diverse backgrounds. Our Father plucked each one of us from dying fields and replanted us in His new field of life. I praise and thank my Father for his love for us.
    By the way, we reside in North Carolina.
    May the Lord bless and keep you.

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