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  1. I watched the eclipse and afterward was absolutely stunned by the “random” thought that crossed my mind…that the eclipse was a literal picture of the resurrection power, the glory of God, writ large in the sky.  Then the words of Psalm 19:1 came to me, the heavens keep telling the wonders of God and the skies declare what He has done.  Amazing…the whole eclipse was a giant testimony to the gospel, to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We have all been told so there is no excuse.  Then, I read this today.  Total confirmation.

  2. I’m not an out loud prayer but inside I am….an urgent thought came to me a few days ago about about not wanting to be a goat nation so I begged the lord to protect the U.K. and all that’s going on , against the enemy.

    I have never dreamed about the lord before but on Good Friday morning..I got up very early ( I do that often now) I then went back to bed fell into a deep sleep..It didn’t feel like a dream but maybe more like a vision..the face of a young man in his 30s a shawl loosely covering his head , face showing only he had a sort of a sq shape olive clear completion and a most serene expression…only his face twas visible..close, and looking straight at me…he said “ I am the one”
    that was it that’s all he said .

  3. I have been doing a prophetic painting of a tree standing in the gap in a wall,a tree can mean a nation a leader or an intercessor.
    I felt to do it after hearing of the tree felled in the Uk,it was in Hadrian’s wall and felled in a storm.
    We have to be the ones who stand in the breech now.

  4. A major earthquake occurred in Taiwan today on 4/3 am at 8:00, which happened to fulfill the prophet’s prediction

  5. I’m seeing 333 everytime I turn around it seems, as well as 7:14, which of course is “If My people, called by My Name shall humble themselves and pray…..”
    I’ve been searching for Understanding concerning 333 for weeks now, and here He brought it right to me!! :)
    Your an Extremely Good Father Abba! Thank You!! :)
    God bless your beautiful heart Veronika!! :)

  6. WOW, Veronika, what a powerful dream and a calling for all Christians to seek Mercy for the nations.  Thank you sharing this – God Bless you in your ministry.  JRW

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