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A Supernatural Light of The LORD’s Glory — 6 Comments

  1. No matter how man tries to conceal it, clean it, or cover it up, it will be seen. Stripped naked, man will stand before The LORD and the eyes of man. We stand with that.

  2. Thank you for this word! I check several times a day to see if and whenever you have a new word for us. I’m standing on spiritual tiptoes waiting for the glory to fall!

  3. I saw that light also. And The Lord is pulling me into new levels of His Love and into an even deeper submission to Him.
    I also see and sense in the Spirit that the Remnant is coming into unity. We are holding hands in an amazing and great, deep love for each other.
    All with a broken heart, knowing what we all have been through.
    We are singing Glory to our King, not loud but in a deep and intimate way.

  4. Amen!! I am so grateful for this Word!!
    Thank you for sharing Veronica!!
    God bless your beautiful heart!! :)

  5. Yes and Amen to that. A sister in JESUS CHRIST, Lana Vawser, has got the Spirit message that this week will be a MIGHTY roar of the LION OF JUDAH.
    I saw His face last week very clear, not in a dream, not in a vision, but right in front of me when I stepped out to the balcony. I saw Him more than once so clear in the sky, the eyes, nose, lips, the complete beautiful lion appearance, His face. Holy Scriptures tells much about seeking and seeing His face. About the special light: Isaiah foretold it. The light during the time of His deliverance will be 7-fold ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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