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A Tapestry of Time From Heaven’s Perspective — 3 Comments

  1. E1- In the River is Eneglaim, the Double frisking calves (prodigals) that frisk around and then the other way. They are set free as fatted calves from the fatting stalls or pews to tread on the heads of their enemy. E2- The other fountain in the River is Engedi where David was reconciled with his royal father Saul. He cut off the hem of Saul’s royal robe that was the Key to the prodigal reconciliation and the robe and ring passing to David, 1Sam.24:16,20. E3- Daniel 3 (3 turns of the page) is about Nations worshipping the image of Babylon. Now the Beast image is being revealed. The 3 in the fire, heated 7 times, is the remnant Covenant Church that endure the refiner’s fire of great Tribulation. Emmanuel is with them. The Golden Thread is the Last Week has begun with 3+1/2 years of the Global River Revival and cold water Awakening and 3+1/2 years of great Tribulation. Purging is in both so we come forth as Pure Gold.

  2. The word prodigal obviously takes us to the story of the prodigal son.
    So who is or are ” the prodigal son?”
    Scripture tells us that The Lord called Israel His firstborn son.
    The children of Israel consisted of 12 tribes. Judah was but one of the twelve and at the time of their captivity they, along with the tribe of Benjamin and some of the Levites, constituted the Kingdom of Judah.
    The other 10 tribes had been led into captivity well over 100 years earlier.
    These tribes were scattered throughout the nations. But this scattering was also a planting of Israel’s seed – WAITING TO BE WATERED BY THE GOOD NEWS OF THEIR REDEEMER, JESUS CHRIST. I suggest these are the prodigal nations that your dreams speak of. The sheep of His pasture.

  3. Hi Veronika

    I can very much relate to the analogy of the ‘tapestry’ – it’s also been pressed upon me that it’s like a jigsaw! I’ve never been a jigsaw person, but over the last month I keep having the urge to do jigsaws, everyday! I don’t own any, so I’ve been doing online jigsaws, over and over, God often does this with me, repeat, repeat, repeat until I get the message. So, again what seems like chaos, pieces all cut seemingly out of shape, it seems to make no sense, but then suddenly the picture begins to click into place in the most amazing and surprising ways! So, it’s been jigsaws for me!

    God Bless

    David xxx

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