A Testimony of God’s Healing


I pray that this sharing will encourage someone who may need to hear this.  Christ in us, is the hope of glory. Amen… Praise GOD!

As I look back on my journey, how gracious and merciful, and how good and faithful GOD has been to me and my family, I just give thanks to GOD and praise Him for taking me and us through the process, from breakthrough to victory, from one season to the next, one year to the next.

I would like to share one of my testimonies and hope this will encourage someone, for GOD sent a Word and He healed my disease, a miracle took place and suddenly, I was healed (Psalm 107:20).

I was suffering from Hepatitis B for several years; then sometime in 2009, was put under medication, which I was told by the doctor that I will need to take daily.  I asked the doctor, “For how long do I need to take them?”  She replied, “Forever.”

Have I prayed and confessed my sins, repent of them and turned away from them?  Yes!  Have I been prayed over by ministers of GOD?  Yes!  Have I declared the Word of GOD over myself, plead the blood of JESUS over myself? Yes! Have I truly been following Jesus?  I can say, Yes, only by His grace, to the best of my ability as led by the Holy Spirit, Yes, Yes!.

Does that mean there is no power in all that was done?  NO!  I believe in all that I have done because the gospel came to us not only in word, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction (1 Thessalonians 1:5).

I testify and acknowledge that GOD was healing me through it all from the beginning since diagnosis and it has ALWAYS BEEN GOD who has kept me going.  Does GOD use doctors and medication?  I believe so!!  Yes, I do!!  He is the “Creator of all things” (Ephesians 3:9; Colossians 1:16; Revelation 4:11).

I had been going to the doctor for regular check-ups, blood tests and ultra sounds as advised.  Then it was on a certain day in May 2013, when I was going to take my daily tablet, I suddenly heard from GOD that I was healed ! 

It was a “still, small voice” that spoke to me, just only once.  My spirit was calm and I just know that it was GOD who spoke to me.  I did not question, nor doubt or fear, and I can still remember that I believed what I heard which was from GOD, and responded in faith, giving thanks to Him and praising Him.  I had by then, and still have, several months supply of the expensive medication.  I did not complain but continued to respond to GOD consistently in obedience, by NOT taking my daily prescribed medication.

Later I happened to see the doctor again in January 2014, when I accompanied my husband to see the same doctor for a pre-operation check up, and when she saw me, she said she had not seen me for a long time.  After seeing my husband and dealing with him, she turned to me and asked, “You don’t need to check-up anymore?”  I answered her that “I live by faith!”  She could not understand what I meant and again she asked if I need to be checked.  I told her “Yes,” so she then arranged for me to do another DNA blood test and ultra sound.

I went back 2 weeks later for the test reports.  When she saw me, she said she has already seen my DNA report and it was good.  She then said, “With this kind of report, I will usually tell my patient that he/ she is already healed, because the count is so low that it cannot detect the virus.”

She also said that she will leave it to the patient to decide whether to continue or discontinue medication.  I then raised my hand and started to praise the LORD!  I told the doctor that ,”I have actually stopped medication.”  The truth is also that the count was so low that could not be detected, and when compared with the times when I was under medication, the count then, actually was higher.  It is only because of JESUS!  What is impossible with man is possible with GOD! ! Praise the LORD!

I told the doctor that I had stopped medication already.  She was shocked, because she couldn’t recall advising me to stop, and after she checked through my records, she said she couldn’t find any given instruction.  I pointed heavenward and told her, “He did!  GOD told me I was healed!”  I told her I trust GOD!

She was surprise and was lost for words.  She is a Christian and she knew where I was coming from.  We all laughed and both my husband and I were still laughing as we left her clinic.

GOD is so good and truly, as He said in Isaiah 55:11, “So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.”

Thank You, JESUS Up until today and forever, I am healed!

Praise the LORD!  Glory to GOD!


Jill MacKillop

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A Testimony of God’s Healing — 3 Comments

  1. Jill, may the Lord be glorified for this mighty mighty and most glorious healing touch of God your father and creator.
    GOD has indeed faithful for your family.
    We trust the very Lord to take away the Egyptian diseases and afflictions for those not yet healed in your household.
    The Lord our healer heals all the diseases under the sun. HE heals the blood sugar, he dries and makes tumor to shrinks, he open the eyes of the blind, the lame walk, the cripples get up and walk, HIV and Aids become dead by the blood of Jesus, tumor is dissolved, addictions are broken, paralysis, broken backs, arthritis, all cancers are HEALED by the name of Jesus.
    Let anyone suffering from these diseases receive their healings by the power of the cross and the blood.
    Calvary victory is yours.

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