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A Time of Rebirthing Is Now Upon the Nations — 6 Comments

  1. Friends, we have an opportunity to partake of the sufferings of Christ in a greater way for 5 months. Not only that, we have an opportunity to partake of the Holy Spirit in a greater way for 5 months.
    For [it is] impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost, Hebrews 6:4 (KJV)
    We can partake of the Father in a greater way for 5 months.

    My wife and child left me because I was screaming in pain during the night. This is after I administered medication. They did the right thing. I experience both pain and the consequences of pain. Heavenly Dad sees both pain and the consequences of pain. What are the consequences of crying? There are heavenly consequences of crying.

    I published a paper on the fear of pain (below). The antiChrist will use the fear of pain to coerce people into receiving the mark. During that 5 months, the enemy might lie to you. Will you be able to endure the tribulation? Now is the time to endure 5 months of tribulation. Allow the Lord to set you free from the fear of tribulation.
    Some pastors may think that I am Buzz Lightyear – off the planet. Will they be able to endure tribulation?

    Behaviour Research and Therapy, Volume 30, Issue 1, January 1992, Pages 7-13
    Is pain sensitivity associated with dental avoidance?

  2. Wow, Ma’am, that I never new about eagles! And as you say applies to our president Donald J. TRUMP! Forgive me for doubting your status always back as a true prophet, but when I heard and saw you on Paul Oebel’s show , lost all doubt! All of you true Lord’s prophet take a lot of fire! Anyway, God bless, take care and through Jesus, keep on kicking Satan’s tail!

  3. It is interesting that the time between Pentecost and Tabernacles is 5 months… All the old must be removed during this time or we will die in the wilderness just as the Israelites did.
    Thank you for this potent words that is applicable on many levels.
    You and your ministry are such a blessing to the body of Christ. Thank you for your faithfulness.

  4. That prophetic word was perhaps more prophetic than you knew at the time for the fraud of 2020 has indeed put President Trump in an obscure and protected place while his old beak, talons and feathers are replaced for the battle ahead. Praise GOD and His infinite wisdom and mercy!

  5. ♥♥♥HIS COMMITMENTS NEVER FAILS♥♥♥ as long our FAITH stand firm for the ever lasting never ending..! AMÉN..! we’ll receive due time all ♥♥♥HIS♥♥♥ listed SELAH PROMISES FROM HEAVEN’S WITH TOTAL SHALOM’S>
    We never we shall stop PRAY for our needs. AMÉN..!


    PS 112


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