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A Vision of an African-American Boxing Champion — 2 Comments

  1. The whole world has been forgiven their sin because of what God has done through Jesus Christ. A fact.What is amazing is the church in America holds sin against any one or thing that does not line up with their theology. The good news is we have been forgiven made one with God through Jesus Christ. By grace we didn’t do any thing to deserve it and all we have to do is receive it. And yet so many are walking in unforgivness. This should be not so. We should not be holding sin against anyone. Any one who walks in unforgivness as a believer does not know Him simple but true. Forgiveness should be as simple as breathing air for a true believer. And one of the reasons I told you about only 3 friends after 40 years as a believer you also will see being my friend is not an easy task. But one I am sure you are up to. And on we go the time is short

    • This is beautiful and so true David. Would more people truly forgive from their hearts! The debt has been paid and what love the Father has bestowed on us through His Son Jesus Christ!
      May we only ever find our true identity in Him. Still some continue to reject the gift of Jesus laying down His very life for us. How could we not forgive our brothers and sisters who knows such grace our ownselves?
      I get so behind in my replies at times. Please forgive me. Blessings and prayers.

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