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  1. And even GOD`s FINAL TRIUMPH the demons want to imitate: His glorious return IN the false religion Islam blames JESUS CHRIST as if their “redeemer” Mahdi would come, and the others want to say, the “aliens and ufos” come. COME, LORD JESUS, COME !

  2. Now I must write:
    Everything HOLY was always making the enemies jealous. Satan likes to practice hidden, undercover. And he always wants to imitate was GOD can do. Some examples:
    – THE WORD. Then a system was created by men, the WORD-processor !
    www – 666 – the word divided into pieces. The meaning of the word “computer” finally means the same: WORD-prozessor…some strong Christians found this out and made a booklet about this 30 years ago or so.
    – LIGHT. What GOD does through sun and stars and moon – satan abuses technologies like bluebeam, bluerays, infrared, laser technology to control treat, sicken society.
    – GOD`s CREATION: satan and his people already mingeled animal sperm with human sperm and built more ungodly creations, we do not know by now all these worse things, BUT GOD KNOWS !
    – LIFE: God created man and woman to bring forth new life. Technology forced billions of women to take ANTI-LIFE pills. We all know the consequences: Breast cancer, sexual diseases, only a few of the ugly things that are increasing in terrible high rates. Population is shrinking but they tell lies as if population would be too high and no space for all. Facts and truth is: It is enough space for all on earth. And the times where people live healthy and without cancer are definitely gone on this planet. True prognosis is totally different from what the media spread out to cause hate against every newborn child as if it would be a high risk / cost factor, and every elderly also.
    – THE UNIVERSE: There is a machine somewhere in the world, and the world knows where this thing is, that has very much destruction power, and the constructors officially wanted to find the “GOD PARTICLE. The company has in it`s logo 666 and the “goddess shiva” in front of their main building. The name of the `machine`/ company means DARKNESS = CERN. This is well known all over the internet, all over the world, and I did not say one word against them (!).
    It is a matter of fact that their ideology is: “Order through chaos”.
    Beasts arise everywhere, but ALARMED people and REDEMPTION also !
    My response here may seem to be out of topic, but it is important that we understand all the upcoming chaos, bombers, terror: The people were misguided, misled by media, by murderous blood and shooting computer games and, GOD KNOWS, by oppressing teachers and other hard-hearted people. Let us pray that JESUS RETURNS QUICKLY. The evil does not want to give up. The cup of trembling comes over the earth. It is written in Isaiah 24:18 and throughout GOD`s WORD.

  3. Veronica, Our POTUS Trump Inauguration begins Thursday thru Saturday, swearing in is Friday @ noon. In a photo I saw warfare in the clouds. I ask for prayers on behave of America & mainly Washington, DC. Many protesters & corrupt old renown bloodlines that bow to satan are face to face with the BOC here. I trust Lord Jesus to send angels to prevent a demonic stronghold. Loose the Host to keep the atmosphere in safety/Love. Thank you for the prayers! Praise God bless you

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