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  1. Robert, thank you always for your complete openness and honesty to the body of Christ!

    I remember you from posts many of us shared years ago on f.b. F.b. got so hard for me with attack after attack, till God took me off Himself.

    Still I write a little here still and more teach on my YouTube channel.

    I pray for more anointing to reach not only the multitudes but the ‘one on one’ we come into contact every day.

    You never know how many life’s you have impacted for the Kingdom, Robert.

    I pull this one statement out you spoke, “The escape for me, was to learn once and for all, how to trust God, no matter what.”

    Amen & Amen my brother. That is the Perfect escape! It is mine also.

    May we press on in Jesus Christ faithful till the very end. I believe you are one of the called, few & chosen. God bless you.

    Praying for the person sincerely from Uganda who asked
    for prayers!

    May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you and strengthen you.

  2. I have noticed in the Fivefold Ministry in Ephesians since I have been a member of church very few ministers call themselves “Teacher”. I can see when that gift operates as well as see who doesn’t have that gift. The Teacher doesn’t have the status of Evangelist, Prophet or Apostle.

  3. Yes, Robert, Yes! I am so here right now. The valley has been dark and seemingly hopeless at times. Yes, I even prayed, Lord, if what I believe you have promised and spoken to me was false or no longer valid, then take me home. I don’t want to die but I can’t bear it anymore. But then he always pulls me out of the fire for awhile before the next thing hits.  But I am learning to trust him and know his voice through all this. I know great purpose lies directly ahead. But the suffering is unbearable at times.  Then I remember Peter – “Lord to whom shall we go? You have the words of life.” and I say, Yes, that’s me.  Thy will be done, whatever it takes Lord.
    Your word is a great encouragement to me that this is not altogether uncommon in those who want to do anything for the Lord to use them.  That’s me but it wasn’t always so. So thank you Lord for the fire. Do whatever it takes. Time is short and eternity is a long time. The fields are white with harvest…make me a labourer.

  4. Sometimes doctrinal points separate people but rightly dividing the word should not, when you see the word elect used know that it means to choose, to use the word graphed in as Paul taught know that his discussion is around the covenant God made with Abraham and as Paul taught that if you are Christ than you are Abraham s seed and errs of the promises made to Him. Trying to intermingle Jesus the end of the law with a type of Judaism/ Christianity using the phrase God s chosen people mixing in Christianity is not the gospel message. Romans gives quite a discussion on what a Jew looks like under the old covenant and than under the new covenant and this has nothing to do with your birth.  Yes Abrahams’s covenant promises are intermingled into Jesus’ new testament covenant but this is all about the born of the Spirit the new creature the thought of election in some other form is like trying to build the linage of Esau as Israel rather than Jacob God s people are people who obey His word and keep it, in this thought, there is true humility and repentance because you know how weak you are and what you actually think!

  5. Uganda get on your knee before God like Daniel 3 times a day don t complain ask and believe that those things you ask for that you receive them from your God (I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE RIGHTEOUS FORSAKEN OR HIS SEED BEGGING BREAD) If you have received Jesus He is the end of the law the final sacrifice when you take on this final sacrifice all your SINS PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE ARE CONTINUALLY PAID FOR IN FULL THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS CONTINUALLY BEFORE GOD S THRONE SPEAKING ON YOUR BEHALF. This is what you have been made righteous means you receive the very heart of Jesus with a new conscience and understanding learn to listen to His voice read the word of God and gain an understanding of how the voice of the word and your new conscience are the same voice become familiar with following this leading this voice, in prayer find that quiet peaceful place in God s Spirit and stay marinating in this place as long as possible every day depend on God for yourself don t leave this up to others

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