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A Word for 2021 — 3 Comments

  1. Amen ! Praise with thanks be to God for this Now Prophetic Word, Confirming to me he LORD is going to begin to pay off mortgages and cancel debt. I Receive the Word f the Lord, believing as he has spoken to me, through this Prophetic Word, that He will pay off my Mortage, and cancel my debts in Jesus Name. Amen. I am indeed Blessed for such a time as this. I owe woman nothing but to love him, in Jesus Name. Praise God ! I am Blessed Evermore ! Shalom !

  2. Exactly the Word God gave me in the book of Jeremiah 32. I agree discernment is vital where progress is concerned in our walk of Faith. Be blessed too servant of God.

  3. Sir, I have read your teaching about the antichrist on Generation Chosen. Thank you and bless you for hearing and heeding GOD’S voice. To have all of your teaching backed up by scripture is true obedience to our FATHER.
    Thank you for posting on HKP.

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