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A Word for The Bahamas — 6 Comments

  1. I am from the Bahamas and I agree wholeheartedly with this word from the Lord. We have held on all the more to the Lord’s unchanging hand and yes though we have been tested, we will not fear, for our eyes are on Him, the King of Glory. We will never let Him go no matter how raging the storms come.

    Thank you sister Veronica for this awesome word.

  2. For this is the cry He wants to hear for man to say God help us. For I saw His eye in the storm. The Spirit of Mercy listening for someone to stand in the gap. How The Breath hovered. Stalled by the intercesors unskilled in seeking God’s will for Dorian was to be felt in the same intensity from Florida up the coast. Evil doers patience is wearing thin for

  3. God want us to trust Him in all things not just some things all..so He clean out most things so we can trust Him in all.Praise be to the Great i.am

  4. Wow Veronika West , I was thinking it was something of a cleansing in the Bahamas . It is Good News that God loves this Bahamas and will restore it more than ever . Praise be Jesus …

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