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A Word for the Hour — 2 Comments

  1. Such a great word, a timely word Yolanda! God’s ways are not man’s ways and this is now being seen in the land of America and in our elections. His plans are higher than man’s plans, and we can see that no man could put forth a plan that others would agree too. Strange isn’t it that normally someone in our government would have a plan that would look into corruption but this time all their plans failed. But God! He still has a plan for America and He’s certainly not done with our nation. America was founded to be a light on a hill to show God to the world and to spread the gospel to others. We are now shining brightly to the world this light, as millions and millions in America are praying for righteousness to prevail and the whole world is watching to see if our light is still shining.  I, for one, agree that God is not done with America as the light to the world and that His Will will be done on earth as it is already done in Heaven. So be it! I’m still standing and waiting to see the salvation of the Lord at this Red sea moment, hopefully others are there too.

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