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A Word for The Nations: Heads or Tails? — 12 Comments

  1. I choose heads of course.  This is the proper side, I assume.  Glory to God and His Praise fills the temple.  I choose to follow God where ever He leads me.  Thank you Veronika.

  2. I share this again.  A bit over 7 1/2 years ago I began to hear the word’s, “She needs to choose…” and then a Beautiful Voice would reply, “She will.”
    On January 15th 2015, I finally screamed “I CHOOSE JESUS CHRIST!!!”
    I was immediately stripped of the covering (veil) of this world, and was made completely aware that I was naked before a Holy God!! (Naked and filthy)!!
    When I couldn’t hardly take it anymore I screamed out to Him to PLEASE OH PLEASE help me!!!! He then silenced every sound and said, “This is for the Nation Cheri, we need you NOW to pray.”
    There I began the painful process of walking through the shadow’s in sacloth and ashes. Of persecution, torture and torment…while held securely in the Huge Hands of my Loving Abba Father. I fasted whenever led…which was often, amd i prayed, day and night. I threw the world, and any attachments to it, upon the Fiery Burning Alter of His Love. Any form of disobedience was not an option, and this was made perfectly clear when I tested the toenails I’d given to Satan in my past.
    This is no game, this is for our lives and the generations to come.
    He gave me a vision of myself when this began. I was turning a deep Grey from the outside in. But when I had zero world left in me, the Light of Pure Life burst forth from my Center-out.
    This life is a Vapor, a passing Breath…compromise is NOT worth it…but He is!! He is SOOO worth it!!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!!

  3. A global changing of the guard is immanent.
    The tent of Joseph – this is the angloamerican majority with it’s satanic globalism – will be discarded (the current US-president’s first name is Josef).

    From now on the tribe of Judah and the house of David – which is a foreshadow of God’s Kingdom through His global Body – will take dominion in the nations.

    Many people with the heart of David with the rod and scepter of Truth and Justice will arise

  4. To Veronika west Last night while I was laying in bed with my wife Sara the Holy Spirit told me that this coming Saturday that there would be a tremendous 9.9 tremor Earthquake the would trigger a long long bad Fault Line that would definitely destroy along the west coast and the east coast but the Holy Spirit told me last night that on this coming Saturday that I was not given any time line no time hour but that it would happen this coming Saturday because it ties into Veronikas Prophecies that the Holy Spirit told her today and that confirmation is tied to what the Holy Spirit told me and my wife last night and the Holy Spirit told me last night while I was laying in my bed that the whole state of Seattle Washington and the Hoover Dam would crumble and then the highest Tsunami Wave would Destroy the entire state of California and destroy the entire East coast destroying all along the entire East coast wiping it out from its destruction because of Veronika Prophecy about the Shaking of the Nation in the Washington DC and in America God Bless You Veronika west your brother in Christ Jesus Kyle Reynolds

  5. I’m praising God and believing this is for every righteous person and not just people that are in the exchange currencies and buying up gold, silver and precious metals.  I’m believing this is for the homeless and the poor.  Wow! What rejoicing and praising this world will hear.

  6. As for me and my house we will serve the LORD God Almighty. We choose heads to be crowned with glory from the tribe of the Lion of Judah! All Glory to God!

    Jesus Christ is the Sovereign King of kings and LORD of the earth!

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