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  1. Dio ci ha dato autorità sul nemico, ma noi non sappiamo usarla. Si, è tempo di smettere di essere vittime, prendere l’autorità e usarla nel potere del nome di Gesù Cristo!
    Grazie! Benedizioni♡

    [ HKP : “God has given us authority over the enemy, but we do not know how to use it. Yes, it is time to stop being victims, take authority and use it in the power of the name of Jesus Christ! Thank you! Blessings♡” ]

    • Dear Maranatha,

      Thank you for sharing.  In standing in the battle each time and not backing down the better we become at fighting, resisting and overcoming. He has given us full authority in Jesus name. Key is to walk in it.

      Blessings to you as you stand for Him, in Jesus name. Patricia

  2. Patricia, AMEN and AMen I loved the Start to see parts: Start to see yourself without spot or wrinkle. Start to see yourself in your Wedding Garments. Yes, thank you Lord! Thanks for sharing. Abundant blessings, my friend, Sandi

    • Dear Sandi,
      As always thank you for your wisdom. We really need to see ourselves as our Father sees us. Smile.

      God Bless you abundantly above all you could ask or hope for sister. ❤️Patricia

  3. Praise God! Amen and Amen! God bless you, dear sister Patricia Hamel, extending to you greetings, peace and blessings! I believe and embrace this word, this message – deeply within my heart, as this what I believe the enemy has been over the past months, even years of realizing my true identity in Jesus Christ as a believer who is a part of his Bride, as with all who make up the Bride of Jesus Christ.

    The adversary has been fighting against me relentlessly for the past 12 years, learning how to fight in the Spirit of God, as you’ve mentioned, wielding the Sword God – His divine Word, the powerful weapon against all evil activity. Thank you, for sharing, so much appreciated! Eyes of faith, living out the Word of God, with who Jesus Christ says we are in him, as his glorious Bride, as we continue to allow ourselves to be dressed by Jesus Christ. Peace, love and blessings to you, your family and the entire Body of Christ, to those lost, praying for their conversion in Jesus Christ.❤️❤️❤️

    • Dear Norman,

      Thank you for your heartfelt response. The Lord is training up His army and we are never finished learning new strategies to fight the battle. Be encouraged to keep on moving forward and Praising God as you do so.

      Blessings, Patricia

    • Greetings,

      I too had noted the words, set others free. Jesus said these signs would follow those that believe.  Praise God for your tears of joy from the Fathers heart. Thank you for sharing. Patricia

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