A Word to My Holy Remnant Bride!


A word of the Lord to My Holy Remnant, the Bride!

This is the Day of My Power and your day of experiencing the full manifestation of it for many of you would say.  How so?  You have felt weak and yet I say unto you, there is a weakness, that is strength.

Yes you are weak in your own ability, and yet, My strength is perfected in your human weakness, for surely, I the Lord your God, am strengthening My consecrated, sold-out Holy Ones.

I AM releasing angels of might and Power to you now, like no other generation has seen or known.

I say unto you, Be strong in Me and the Power of My Might.  Be encouraged!

The greatest move of My Power the world has ever known, is even now beginning.  Though it seems but a trickle, it shall soon grow into mighty torrential

Rivers of My Power to every member of My Bride, and through them, to every town and village, city, region and nation.

I coming to your rescue, says the Lord.


Kevin Nugent

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent




A Word to My Holy Remnant Bride! — 1 Comment

  1. Blessings Kevin,

    Thank you for word of encouragement, specially here also, still in and thru Europe..
    Our God is so so Faithfull to us His Bride
    remain abiding innn HIM be so blessed strengthened and also encouraged.  Isaiah 33:20-22
    In His agape love Johanna