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A “World Events” Prophetic Word — 2 Comments

  1. I, too had a dream for a call for jihad in this Country. They were coming out of the woodwork, out of our neighborhoods, universities, hospitals, schools, people next door, armed with assault rifles and machete’s and the only way to stay alive was to stay hidden. I did notice in the dream when my son and I went and hid in the bush, a woman in a hijab and her two young children ran to hide with me.

  2. I had a dream early fall 2015, I believe. In context to an article I had read about President B.O. appointing Muslim Brother Members to prominent positions within the D.H.S.
    It begins with me crouched, in some tall shrubs along a fence line in the front of a house .Peering out cautiously, as I am terribly scared, running for my life.
    The middle class neighborhood, anywhere U.S.A. is abandoned.  Not a car moving, person walking, dog barking etc., etc.(Perhaps they all packed and left, checked into the very comfortable Hotel F.E.M.A ?)
    I crawl in to the house, crouching at the back window.  I looked out to see approximately 6-8 teenage middle eastern males heavily armed, in military garb, passing through the back yards searching for me and others. End of dream.
    Thanks for sharing Jennifer,
    Shalom, Robert

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