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A Year of Bosses! — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you, dear sister. These are good and right declarations. We all need to NOT COMPROMISE any longer. This means not that we throw out brothers and sisters. This means not that we fight against each other. This means what it means: Stand up and go where He sends us to go. This can be a word at workplace, a word at school, a word in bus or train at the right moment. This all means to take ACTION. To be a DOER of His will. All in words and behaviour of LOVE. Some will need harder words. Some will need to be calmed down and comforted. Some may “only” need the right Holy Scripture the right time. All for LOVE.
    I saw, a “Mary Mary” wrote a comment. My mother, though we are Germans, often said MARY to me, in English pronounciation. Anyhow – we are called by Him, He knows our names.

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