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Abomination of Desolation & Mark of the Beast — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you so much Elizabeth, you have really made some great points.  I DO need to read the Bible more and carefully put my mind on what is being read.  We sure are at the end of our journey, you certainly have given me a lot to think about.  Thank you again.

  2. I concur with that view of the abomination and Mark of the beast. I believe the reason the mark of the beast is the abomination of desolation and why once taken it One loses their salvation is becoz the technology involved alters the person who takes the mark into something different from the original Adam God created. God cannot redeem what He did not create. Thanks

  3. The Jews are literally AntiChrist. Please research exactly what it is the JEW teaches. They do not believe the Bible, they teach using their Talmud which states that Jesus Christ is boiling in a vat of fecal matter in hell. Please research the JEWS and it will shine anew light on Gods word. Do not be decieved.

  4. Good blog. I’ve been studying too. We were promised the ‘Book of Truth’ would be open at the end of time and it’s here I believe. Most believe that the 4th vision of Daniel was during Roman occupation but that can’t be as it’s 2000 years later. The clay is not mentioned but if we look at these days, the feet of the bear is obvious and the clay recognized joining with them. Daniel 11 is the open book of truth and I hope and pray that others will start a study and realize how close we are to the rapture. Thanks for the blog and accepting my comments.

  5. This has been a subject of great interest to me since 2020. When the ‘vaccine’ came out, I asked Jesus, saying I’ve studied both sides fairly and feel the ‘vaccine’ is bad. His words to me were” “The ‘vaccine is part of the enemy in people’s body.” I shouted out the warning in my group and in person, but no one listened.

    In another session of study, I asked what happens to Christians who take it? He said: “Those who shift their trust from Me to man will be left behind for the final test. Another day I asked, if the mark is THE test, then what’s the final test? I was told: “Allegiance to the Beast. Also in 2021 He He said: “The papacy is real and beastly. So I took this as Pope is Antichrist, or the sprit of papacy is it. ” I’m pushing 60 and have been hearing the Lord’s voice since age 14. Thank you, Elizabeth!

  6. Solid theology is needed to rightly see and understand this subject matter, the whole bible was in Heaven in God before God created the earth. John 12 24 says if a seed does not die it remains alone which applies to Adam and Eve the physical fallen family because of TEMPTATION NOT BY EVIL BIRTH. Then there is Jesus brothers and sisters who are Born of the Spirit family of the earth, only these 2 families. THE DOORWAY OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD AS DISCUSSED BY JESUS AND NICODEMUS, YOU MUST BE BORN OF A WOMEN THERE IS NO FALLEN ANGEL FAMILY THAT CAME THROUGH THIS PROCESS NO ANGEL SEED FELL INTO THE EARTH AND DIED “BAD BAD THEOLOGY” think of Jesus remark to the religious leaders of that day “You are of your father the devil” not by birth but by the words they chose which caused the temple in there day to be desolate because they were an abomination (if you comment i will respond big subject)

  7. You are on point, many waiting for the building of the third temple will miss what God is doing with the spiritual temple, our lives.You and I are the temple built not with human hands and God is coming back to reign in this temple that he himself built.No wonder, it will be more glorious then the former(made by human hands).

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