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Abundant Life in the Midst of the Storm — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Ron
    Last October, I was reading Deborah’s “You are walking in My rain”, I looked up and the Lord showed me a bright compact cloud coming in natural, I saw the progress as the cloud was over the town and it eventually began to snow. Very promising.
    July 12th I had a vision: some big raindrops were dropping gently on my head. Halleluja!
    Yesterday, I had an awesome vision: standing on the inland ice, suddenly the Holy Spirit dropped on me with one big drop of water and simply covered me, and I slide with much speed downwards with the sudden melted ice-ground spraying on the both side of me. What an extraordinary vision! O His presence!
    We are working on suicide preventing programs to work here in Greenland, I am the Christian part of this group and we will inform about our work on Sept. 10th, please pray for our work, it is time for revival and with it, to save lives.
    Pray for my coming public testimony, and the ones who visit me for prayer.
    God bless you

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