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  1. This is wonderful! The Lord spoke to me last month an acceleration. of times.  He said we will start seeing things happening quickly prophecies being fulfilled upon this earth in rapid secession. He said that all of the prophecies in his word would come to pass. Prepare ourselves for the day of the Lord is upon us. Men are not discerning the times and the seasons that are upon us. This is a beautiful word. Just reading it encourages me and confirms GOd’s words to me!

  2. This is so so so on point. Target hit. Mission accomplished. Truth. Life. Pinpoint accuracy. The Spirit of prophecy wrote this through you… Glory To God. Praise Jesus Christ who came to earth as a man in the flesh.

    I touch and agree in the Name of Jesus Christ that the Father may be glorified.

  3. C.E.V.B.

    MK 14.36

    JN 4.24

    RO 8.15

    MT 1.23

    JN 14.1-11

    IS 7.14

    PS 32

    CL 3.9-15

    PHP 4

    RO 8.18-39

    AC 2.38

    JN 8.58

    NAH 1

    IS 9

    PS 91

    RV 1 to 3

    JMS 2.9-19

    JMS 1.10-17

    2 TI 4.9-18

    2 TI 1

    GL 6

    2 CO 6

    1 CO 15.20-57

    JN 20.9-17

    JN 5 to 20

    LK 23.21-43

    MK 16

    MT 26.38-53

    MT 1

    ZC 9.1-17

    ZPH 3

    DN 7 to 12

    JR 3 to 29

    IS 54

    AMÉN..! with SELAH total messages, as ABBA Father from HEAVEN’S will be send.!
    be prepared to see in 7 days ♥♥♥HIS SEVEN LAMPS of Salvation♥♥♥
    COMMUNION WITH HIM♥♥♥, all acts are between You and ABBA FATHER. AMÉN..!

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