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Accompanied by Angels — 2 Comments

  1. A true “Spiritual Awakening” will lead you down the golden path to our ultimate destination. Evangelization is such a marvelous way of life; to the elderly, our peers and especially the children and the words just flow like a river. Seeing His creation, especially in nature, is awesome. My backyard is a haven for hummingbirds!!! What a delight these tiny birds are. They were created by our God whom knew they would entertain mankind.

    God Bless You, my Sister in Christ.

  2. Great comfort, dear chosen one. Many are called, but few are CHOSEN, this is the Word of the LORD. I am sitting on a huge stone while typing this. At work I told an eldery and little children from the LORD. I also shared the gospel with some animals on the way. Cats often sit in my path or follow me, sheep and goat listened today. It isn’t something crazy… we shall preach to all creatures. Yes, the angels show often up very clearly. I love my LORD who surrounds me everywhere. Sister, you are also a blessing !

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