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Africa: Your Deliverance Will Come Suddenly! — 5 Comments

  1. There is much truth in this short message, as that continent has no peace in many places.
    I believe this is a conformation of what I have been knowing for some time now. 
    There are dark forces in Nigeria, Somalia and the surrounding nations. 
    Mainly tyrannical leaders in some of these regions are using differences of people as their main stay of power and encourage people to wage war.
    I am asking the brothers and sisters to intercede for Ethiopia, Southern Sudan and Somalia.
    For the strongholds of regional wicked spirits & blood thirsty demons to be brought down. And the LORD to open a door for the proclamation of the gospel.
    I am glad to hear God has dispatched his hosts to deliver the people affected by it.
    “To God be the glory the honor and the victory for ever and ever.”

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