The following Teachings Letters are linked with supporting audio files. These audio recordings are available as free Real Player and mp3 downloads by the kind permission of Andrew Wommack Ministries.

All audio recordings last about 75-80 min. The Real Players files are 5-10Mb and the mp3 files are 20-25Mb. You will need to install Real Player listen to Real files.

A Better Way to Pray
Hypocrites Love to Pray Real mp3
Jesus is the Only Mediator Real mp3
The Primary Purpose of Prayer Real mp3
Speak to the Mountain Real mp3
Prayer is a Process Real mp3
A Place Called “There”
A Place Called “There” Real mp3
The Widow of Zarephath Real mp3
Holy Fire Real mp3
Elijah’s Downfall Real mp3
Elijah’s Translation Real mp3
Anger Management
Godly Anger Real mp3
Ungodly Anger’s Source Real mp3
Anger Towards God, Others, And Self Real mp3
As I Have Loved You
A New Commandment I Give You Real mp3
God’s Love Never Fails Real mp3
God Is Kind – To You Real mp3
God’s Love is Unconditional Real mp3
How Can I Know? Real mp3
The Believer’s Authority
We’re In A Spiritual War Real mp3
Who Made Satan Real mp3
With Authority Comes Responsibility – Part 1 Real mp3
With Authority Comes Responsibility – Part 2 Real mp3
Law Enforcement Real mp3
The War is in Your Mind Real mp3
Blessings and Miracles
Don’t Settle for Less Real mp3
Crisis and Miracles Real mp3
The Blessing of God Real mp3
The Power of Words Real mp3
God’s Word = God’s Blessing Real mp3
The Christian First-Aid Kit
Christian First-Aid Kit I Real mp3
Christian First-Aid Kit II Real mp3
Christian First-Aid Kit III Real mp3
Christian First-Aid Kit IV Real mp3
Christian First-Aid Kit V Real mp3
Christian First-Aid Kit VI Real mp3
Christian Philosophy
The Way We Think Real mp3
The Bible is God’s Word Real mp3
Jesus is Savior and Lord Real mp3
God is a Good God Real mp3
Creation Vs. Evolution, Part 1 Real mp3
Creation Vs. Evolution, Part 2 Real mp3
Creation Vs. Evolution, Part 3 Real mp3
Homosexuality Real mp3
Abortion Real mp3
Christians and Politics
The Simple Gospel Real mp3
Security Of The Believer Real mp3
What Happened To The Old Man? Real mp3
Our Sabbath Rest Real mp3
Every Thought Unto Obedience Real mp3
Fasting Real mp3
The Heart Of Man Real mp3
The Sin Nature Real mp3
Evolution Real mp3
Seek First The Kingdom Real mp3
Eternal Life Real mp3
Christians and Politics Real mp3
The Essence of the Gospel Real mp3
Ministering Unto God Real mp3
1 John 1:9 Real mp3
A work in progress – more to come!

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Andrew Wommack – Audio Teachings — 15 Comments

  1. Words cannot describe how the messages of Andrew brought freedom and peace into my walk with the Lord. I pray that you will have more revelation knowledge in Jesus Name. God bless Andrew and Jamie.

  2. Thank you Andrew Wommack for being a good representation of God’s love and thank you HKP. For going far to make it a reality

  3. Pastor Andrew Wommack, thank you very much for making your life-changing messages readily available to me. Can’ t tell you in words how much your teaching has impacted my life. Thank you again.

  4. My wife and I have been so so tremendously blessed by these teachings that we cannot wait to begin to share our testimonies that will definitely come as a result.
    Also we have changed our teachings to reflect these new revelations,we are so so blessed with peace that cannot be explained.
    Thank you so so much Andy.

  5. The sermons are a blessing to my life & my family. I like how Andrew Wommack explains & simplifies the word, l have come to a place where l love the word of God. I have applied the sermons & they work. The God of Andrew Wommack is awesome.

  6. Thank you for making so many Andrew Wommack teachings available. Most seem to be in tact except for Ministering Unto God, which I really want to hear! The mp3 for this on your site seems to be a repeat of one of the Evolution mp3s. I’d love to know when the correct one will be made available. In the meantime, thanks again for your efforts.

    • Dear Chinwe,
      Thank you for catching the error.  It is now fixed.  Please enjoy the correct teaching :)
      Thank you also for the patronage of His Kingdom Prophecy, it is greatly appreciated.
      Blessings in Christ,

  7. Andrew Wommack has a powerful teaching ministry that people have to acknowledge. These are the teachings we need to leave a true christian life. Thanks for the site that has made it easy to download.

    To God be all the glory!

  8. I can’t thank God enough for the great work Andrew is doing to help me understand the word of God.May God increase you beyond measure

  9. Thanks for this site. My Brother introduced this website to me. Am Enjoying the teachings.
    I believe in the LORD.

    God bless you.

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