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Jesus, the Good Samaritan — 1 Comment

  1. Yes! Praise the Lord Jesus. It is so. Problem is that there isnt many places where the members of His body can go to church where the Holy Spirit is allowed to flow and everyone can be able to express Him…most is only ruled by certain groups or individuals that seems to be protecting their own status or position or powerhold…dont k ow what exactly…fact is when His family gets together, everyone want to be part of His body and not be left out as bystanders or outsiders, and if someone open up about something, people shouldnt start gossipping and ruining the person that opened up and was vulnerable cause they thought they were safe to…to many gossip going around that rips people apart. Gossip shifts the truth that was said in false directions and perspectives and ruins people. That person never get to correct the gossip. All happening behind the back. When this happens the perso dont feel like trusting anyone and just leave and the truth has been bloodstained by what other people judge and add and change and alters it to. But praise the Lord that put this behind and heals one and will never forsake one. Who is faithful. He will also direct one to the right place if He wants one to be there. Forgave. Let God. Bless. Trust God. Follow Him. Amen.

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