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Already Finished and Furnished for You! — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord for using sister June to share your beautiful heart with us.  You are so awesome to behold!!! I see this lover letter as a beautiful mosaic full of your love and faithfulness for what you accomplished for us on the cross.  Thank you sister June for your heart of love and mercy for His precious bride.  Many blessing to you and yours!!!

  2. Sister June always is a blessing. But I also understand the comment of Douglas. Yes, millions have cried to God and many Christian forefathers and foremothers were killed. Even Jesus was murdered. Bible tells about those precious souls, mentions the beheaded ones who are now very alive in heaven. Sister June personally helped me, not to give up in persecution, in accusations and misinterpretations.
    I recommend and remind all to read the Beatitudes. Matthew 5.

  3. This prophecy and many others written by you have ministered to my spirit. Thank God for your service. As for the person who believes that a word of encouragement is not God, remember that the Word says, “It is the goodness of God that leads to repentance”, and “No one knows the heart of a man but God”. So we cannot judge others and say that their hearts are wicked and evil. God is love so God loves and your prophecy is a reminder of God’s love. I will never understand those people who see God as this parental figure who loves only on condition. Agape love, the God kind of love is not based on how good we are but how Great He is.

  4. Words without action are meaningless. It’s a nice sentiment but at the end of the day millions have cried out to a God only for their lives to end in a violent death. God blesses and curses who He chooses. Sadly today’s church has compromised the word of a God under the pretends that His grace will cover everything. They give Him lip service but in their hearts they are wicked and evil.

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