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America: A Forerunner Nation! — 8 Comments

  1. The prophesies God gives you are so encouraging as we wait and watch daily for what God will show us next. It is so exciting to be part of the remnant at this time! Thank you so much for sharing God’s Word with us!

  2. Precious child of God. God revealed to Lauren Cunningham and Bill Bright (1975) that every society rests on 7 mountains. Each mountain represent a “gate” or a seat of influence.
    God is shifting the mindset of the church to send His people to lead in each ofthese mountains to bring HIS Kingdom on earth.
    The mountains are: Arts and entertainment. Media. Government. Business (economy) Family. Education. Religion.
    May His Spirit show you in which mountain you may serve.

  3. Beloved Sister!

    This was SO POWERFUL I could not read it straight through without getting up and walking and praying in tongues very powerfully too. You are SPOT ON. We know it is coming, all that you saw and shared. We have seen it too, though not so wonderfully graphically! Many of us in America love you so dearly and pray for you daily along with the rest of our patriots and Christians and sleeping family members! Praise HIS NAME forever and ever and ever! We are “soon” returning to ONE NATION UNDER GOD and we know it is our destiny to bless the nations of the world and make it ONE WORLD UNDER GOD! HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER! 

    Love always!
    His Psalmist

  4. Precious sister, I humbly ask what you mean by the 7 mountains. There is a teaching about man needing to conquer 7 areas (mountains) of influence before Christ can return. These education, religion, family, business, government/military, arts/entertainment and media. I do not adhere to this thinking. Please explain what you mean. If I am mistaken, please feel free to correct me. Blessings to you sweet sister! In Jesus name.

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