America: A Great Shaking, Separation and Shifting! (Updated) — 6 Comments


    She stands before the One she loves
    Like Moses when he had on the veil
    She’s a nursing mother and father
    Who tween the porch and alter does travail
    Her passion is to have His Presence
    And have the Wind of the Spirit fill her and sing
    For she knows that soon will come the day
    That mankind will be delivered on Eagles Wings
    She’s prepared herself to receive the Fire
    That will bring her next to her King
    She’ll be coming up from the wilderness
    With her All her Everything

  2. ‘Patriarch’ was one of the first words I heard in the spirit concerning Donald Trump. Thanks so much Veronica for your faithful recording of all your visions and prophecy.

  3. I would affirm the covenant nature of your dream.  I dare say any nation who would bless Israel would in its turn, be blessed.  What I find fascinating is other US administrations were all able to move the US Embassy, to stand with Israel, but none but the present one actually did. 

    I look forward to a second term of Donald Trump, a second term of continued blessing.

  4. Glory to God! Father thank you for conviction of our hearts to repent, cry out and stand in the Gap for ALL that You are Doing and Desire to DO NOW for us individually, collectively, & as a Nation, for Israel and For the World.May We will continue to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem according to your word & Lord please Continue to speak to the Hearts of your People and Give us Your Revelation, Understanding, Knowledge and Wisdom! Let Your Kingdom & Let Your Will Be Sone On Earth as IT is in Heaven! & Let Your TRUTH & JUSTICE rum throughout the Earth! Let God Arise, ALL HIS Enemies Be Scattered!  Thank You for this Word☝

  5. So encouraging!! Praise God.
    Incredible that this post came out on our National Day of Prayer!! How Awesome is our God!!
    I’ve been following His Word through you for years now Veronica, and just yesterday was thinking of the Word posted last summer concerning 2020 and the owl and hourglass. I was thrilled to see it this morning and rejoice in the Vision anew.
    Blessings on you and yours beautiful lady. Thank you again for your obedience to His Call concerning the U.S. and for interceding :)

  6. I got a strong witness of the Spirit when I was reading this. I have known that the Awakening was coming soon for a long time. I was expecting it to really get started after the election. We are so ready for all this evil leaders in our country to go to prison or whatever punishment they get. Thank you for your prophecies. I share them with my son and he calls you that chick from Ireland. lol He still clings to the Baptist but he believes in prophecy now. Praise God.

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