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Warning: A Judas in the House of the Republic! — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for your obediance & trust in God & His Word. I take comfort in the prophecies from God.
    God has blessed you with His trust. Thank you for the love of America & the world. My heart was not at peace til I began to be part of your journey. God Bless America, Pres Trump. May God heal this world of the evil viris that has comsumed so many.Love you!

  2. Thank God For This. God told me February 1, 2004 to have a save America campaign. So from time I have been praying for America
    Please sent information how to get involve with your group.

  3. Apostle Deborah Chinedu
    November 7 at 9:33am ·
    Americans, tomorrow you are going to get exactly the president you deserve. God puts a leader in place to do either of this; To BRING JUDGEMENT ON , OR BLESS HIS PEOPLE. The result of this election, will LEAD AMERICA BACK TO THE GOD OF THE BIBLE. God is about to place a demand on your love for Him. Get ready people to defend in your “IN GOD WE TRUST”.
    Praying for you and standing with you in judgement or blessings my 2nd country.

  4. Yes I to during the campaign trail my spirit seem a little vexed.As I began to pray as I always do when I get this way.I asked my father what is this I fill when I hear him speak.I decern so many people want to hurt him.The Lord spoke and said pray for him and his family.I obeyed again watching the last debate.I ask God why do she smile an laugh so much at things concerning the country.I asked God once more to show me whats behind that smug grind.As her lips moved I heard in spirit.I am control,I am power(dark mentality),Prideful, greed, and self intitled.I can not be moved or touched.I said well its know way she would know God is in control.God then gave me (obadiah 1:4). We all know what happened next.It is no doubt in my mind these riots (not peaceful protest) is not from the left side.As I saw on a day of all days the burning of the USA flag when people fought died and came home missing limbs.How disrespectful.We pray lord God lift our burdens.he sends help through a man name TRUMP of course we know from whenst our help come from.But God chooses whom he please.Jesus said I make all things new.  Trump says make America great again. He stepped up an answerd the call for us saying he loves his country and so do I.Now lets help him.Trump says this is a movement. We are the original movement WORD SHAKERS.S aints church lets get in unity & pray for him his family and and pray this stronghold down call RIOT and speak and command peace on the streets of the USA. so Mr Trump can foucus and prepare for this great tasks ahead.  GOD BLESS

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