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America: A Loaf of Bread Tumbling Down a Very High Hill — 7 Comments

  1. Hi. I just remembered to share. A few months ago, I had a vision of a ‘long loave’ being put into the back seat of cars here in America. It was on some kind of long device to reach into the cars… As I prayed the Lord was speaking to me about the Govt handouts was not free, etc….

  2. Thank you God vessels (Veronika West & Abel Praise). May God hasten His words to perform it! May HE uphold you(Prophet Abel Praise) as one of the Gideons’ singled out & also uphold many other Gideons who are still unknown. Though the message is not directed at me but I key into it! God shield, grant you more divine wisdom & grace in Jesus name.

  3. Pro 6:26
    For on account of a harlot a man is brought to a piece of bread. And the adulteress hunteth for the precious

    I believe one of the major problems in the church is women have a assumed a role they were not meant to have. That does not mean they do not speak prophecy but all this nonsense about co pastors Is just that nonsense. Women are not to be over men I am not the one who wrote that. We see it in the church and in the government. Look at all the failures going on in the cities across this country. Women in control over cities and rampant crime everywhere. And many men not knowing there place in Christ and afraid to take it and stand. The culture is wrong because the church is wrong. Think back about 25 years or so when all this co pastor stuff started and men afraid to tell their wife’s to sit down and the wife’s ignorant of the written word demanding to be heard. Some things to think about. People. Jezebel is closer then you think. Look at the government of this country Joe is not in charge. It was a women who was standing in Trumps way and it is a women behind Biden and the reason for the downfall of this country. As the church who is suppose to be the bedrock of the truth goes so goes the nation. We as believers have one chance to turn this around I suggest we take it. Some of you men who have become women need to stand up as men and throw her of the wall. If this does not take place the hell will continue. Some things to think about.

    • Going through scriptures and history, we can not just take one scripture and run along with it. Deborah a woman but a leader and prophetess who lived godly and led Israel to victory. In history, God has used woman greatly even in leadership and that includes the Church.The question that we should asking is Who is behind these women that influences their choices and policies? If it is God, it will have positive impact, but if it satan we have Jebezel influence which could be over the nation and church.

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