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America: a New Paradigm of Apostolic Legislations — 8 Comments

  1. Dear Abel, I was overwhelmed with joy as I read this prophecy and amazing dreams the Lord has given you. It was such an on-time word for me today as I am going to visit a church in my area Sunday whose roof is literally the American flag and the Pastor has been accused of mixing religion with politics but he is literally taking a stand to take back our freedom and let God re-establish His church on the word of God. Thank you for your pure heart that is open to the Lord to flow freely through you. BLessings abundant my brother, Sandi Holman

  2. My God!! This message to His People is, to date, THE most POWERFUL message I’ve yet heard!!
    He has a People who’ve given their ‘Yes & Thank You’ no matter the cost, and it’s been BIG!! The ‘Fiery Furnace’ has been VERY hot, and the ‘Lions Den’ VERY LOUD!! The Hamon spirit has been planning and scheming behind closed doors…right in the Presence of their Maker, who has instead been, all the while, preparing a Beautiful Table right in their presence, for His Anointed and Appointed Faithful Kings and Priests, formed through affliction by His very own Hand.
    What He will do for His “Purple Mountains Majesty,” His “America The Beautiful”….no human mind could possibly comprehend…even if we were told. The Grace of God Almighty has enabled His Remnant to humble themselves and pray, and He is Faithful to perform His Word and Promise to heal and to restore our Land….and PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY…He will do it!!!
    God bless your beautiful heart Able Praise!! :)

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