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America: A Vision of Trump and A Burning Bush — 24 Comments

  1. The Lord has had me revisit some of your prophesies today that confirm that God always finishes what HE starts and He confirms His word with signs following. Also the witchcraft and twisted judgements that are coming forth in this hour against Trump and a few prophetic people jumping ship from grace to judgement always takes me back to a question I asked GOd over 30 years again when I didn’t see His hand in what was happening..I said, God, do you ever change your mind? the answer came to me over and over in the following 30 years..God is not fickle and what HE ordains, He carries out and does not change His mind or jump ship when the waves of battle are raging. HE is FAITHFUL. Sandi Holman

  2. God had to have his hand on president trump else he would not have withstood the assault on him since he has been president god bless president trump

  3. Thank you for your heart of submission to HIM. Thank you for your prayers of intercession. They are availing much in the spirit and in the earth. May God continue to prosper and keep you under His shelter!!!

  4. Aligns up with my dreams. As they are partying in the flesh all around their houses that are not build on a firm foundation. Get back in the boat we are going to the other side.
    Another dream was trump’s tower goes into the haveans 2 towers = 2nd term and that vice president lady that’s coming up against him with be washed away like a flood. A move of the holy spirit will not let her come against Trump. the towers were in the wilderness. then God showed me Trump in a wilderness for a short time before he goes into the 2nd term.

  5. Amen thank you for your vision for this country and president trump. I believe he was chosen to take out evil corruption. They have try everything to stop judgment to take place. Trump has to stay in office.

  6. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to inform and encourage America! We know it comes with a price. All who live godly will suffer persecution (II Tim 3:12) but God will protect and provide all that is needed. I am a new listener to your prophecies and will pray for you daily.

  7. The Lord has had me praying for president Trump since before he became president. Thank you so much for sharing with us & that our prayers for our nation & our president, for Israel as well as all the nation’s of the world & for the glory to glory to glory that God glory cover the earth & God full harvest come in unto our coming Lord’s return! All hail King Jesus! God bless!

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