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America Is at the Crossroads of 10 Years of Warning! — 6 Comments

  1. Abortion is without a doubt murder. There is no possible justification for it. Taking of an innocent life is wrong! If you agree with that logic then how do you dismiss the fact that God himself murder the first born Egyptian sons? That is a question that eludes every believer. God himself killed innocent children. So why is is so hard to believe that man would do the same? We are created in the image of God and God himself takes life whenever he chooses.  Right of wrong it happens.

  2. I Believe Yah is going to bring a remedial judgement on this Nation for the sin of Abortion, the shedding of innocent blood and there will be a trial by shaking and fire for the Church. He will be separating the true believers from the impostors and also calling for Repentance of the sin of abortion, homosexual behavior and for the crimes against the vulnerable of our culture, trafficking children and the abuse of the elderly.

  3. I just weep and pray, you take to Congress they don’t even want to hear your petition. I just sent in a petition to congressman Casey of Pa.  on the equality act, just voted by house, all they care about is the lgbt, Susan wild pa.  did the same when I sent in a petition to stand against abortion, I wept. They’ve been given over to a reprobate mind. God have mercy on us and the church. Is off doing it’s own business or thing.

    • I EMAIL my Representatives on a regular basis and call them and they do not hear us. They do not respond with votes against the abominations being waged on this nation and my state on the West Coast located between California and Washington. I pray and many of us pray daily, weekly and monthly for our representatives and they do not hear us because the are running the agenda of the devil.

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