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  1. God has been having me teaching on the pride and disobedience of Moses, David , others and especially Elijah. No body that I have heard is tell people to watch out for pride in the days coming of Gods outpouring of his Spirit. loved to share with someone.
    Example; God told Elijah go anoint 2 kings he did not do it. Told to show self to Ahab and God would send rain He did not do it but like Moses hitting the rock , he did it his way.

  2. We have repented for much in Our Country, repeatedly. The Ecclesia/Remnant Church. I again repented and went into Courts of Heaven a little bit ago!
    King David went through hell with King Saul and his own son Absalom. The Israelites were scared when Pharoah and his Army were chasing them into Red Sea! Not knowing Our Great God had Another Plan. Don’t give up!
    The Word of God goes forth and produces fruit and does notreturn void!
    Trust God! Keep praying and interceding! Check out Apostle Dutch Sheets and his, “Give Him 15”. Also Curt Landry. Excellent Teachers as well! Everyone be Blessed in Christ Jesus Our Everlasting King and Savior!
    In Love,

  3. We in The Ecclesia have repented many times. Dutch Sheets is one of our Leaders! Also Curt Landry. We have repented in the Courts of Heaven also! As you have spoken. The remnant is alive. I again just repented. Many Church Leaders in America will fall; for it has already been spoken they are not True Shepherds!
    God’s Promises are Yes and Amen! HIS WORD goes Forth and Produces Fruit! It Does Not Return Void! Our Trust is in Almighty God! Our Living Eternal King and Savior Yeshua, Jesus Christ!
    God Needs America and He Wants it for HIS Greatest Revival! The anti-christ will not be allowed before it’s time! I Trust God and what He has told us!!!
    Be a Caleb and Joshua, whoo see the giants but know we can take them through prayer, intercession and through Trusting God!
    Do Not Give Up!!! Everything hidden will be manifested for GOD’S WILL! “GOD is never late”! As another Prophet spoke!
    Read Ephesians 6.
    Love and Blessings in Christ Jesus!

    • Dear Amy,
      I have been consistent in writing and stating these;
      * That a second term was preordained for Donald Trump
      * That it will require warring through to make it fruitful
      * That each stronghold revealed to be broken must yet be contended against and won for victory to be sealed in heaven and on earth
      * The LORD will always make provision for HIS people to walk through a trial but it is up to them to be aligned in obedience to make it pass the mark
      * It continued to be a matter hanging in the balances until I received from The LORD a while back that decision had been made in Heaven concerning this matter
      * In many cases, I don’t share some things in public yet until the set time, but I always share it with a few people to bear witness.
      Every post I coauthored or authored alone on HKP is consistent with these themes and you can search them out

  4. Prophets are tested to see who walks back their prophecies when it comes down to the wire. Now he tells of the ‘other’ prophecies he’s had. Where were they when we needed them? This guy harvests prophecies like they were Georgia ballots. So what other prophecies are we going to turn on a whim and how does any prophecy have merit if we can just neutralize them with a hedge prophecy? What other hedge prophecies has he had that he isn’t telling us about? Abel Praise no less. Who would have thought?

  5. If I understand correctly, I understand that Abel is saying, based on a number of dreams that – amongst some other things – (1) Donald Trump has already fulfilled his purpose, and (2) has lost the US election partly, because of various negative spiritual factors pertaining to other people.

    I do not believe either of these propositions, except, of course, the clause about the existence of various negative spiritual factors.  However, I also believe that there is also a faithful praying remnant who have NOT bowed the knee to Baal.

    This posting is a bit like Moses hypothetically saying at the Red Sea, when all appeared to have been lost, that due to a lack of faith in the Israelite camp, they would now need to know how to limit the damage that Pharaoh could do to them. God does not want to bind Pharaoh: He wants to destroy him through a manifestation on earth of His justice.

    There is a danger of reading too much into recent events – indeed, those that have just transpired – and of losing track of the purposes of God.  He is bigger than events, and wants us to hold fast to His word in faith.  We are now going through a big test of faith. It is important that we do not buckle.

    • So true. I was very disappointed with the Jan 6 events but the exposure of traitors will be complete before a righteous government can be formed.  There were many who said this was a Red Sea moment and I too can’t believe God would allow Pharaoh to triumph.  It’s not over until it’s over.  Too many godly men have given words about this election including many dreams and visions. God is not a man that he should lie.  Let God be true and every man a liar. Maybe the last liars are being exposed.  Yes, do not buckle.  Thank you, sir.

      • We must understand when it’s a matter in the scales and balance. Jonah was sent to Nineveh with a word that was still on the scales and balance; he was to point out to them what actions would tip the scales in either direction – the challenge Jonah had is he wanted to give a word that came to pass.

        Jeremiah also was sent with a word that was on the scales and balance and he began announcing that word until a time when he saw that decision had been made concerning Israel in Heaven and they were certain to serve a time in Babylon.

        We must understand when it is an already determined word; a word on the scales and balance; and also keep “self” out of the proclamation of that word.

        • It was not the word itself of Jonah or of Jeremiah that was in the “scales and balance”. It was the people who were to receive the word who were in the “scales and balance”, whether those of Nineveh, whose judgement was conditional, or those of Judah, whose judgement had been determined.

          Abel seems to be saying that that the word about the re-inauguration of Donald Trump was conditional, and that the conditions have not been met.  I believe that the conditions have been met and we will see the re-inauguration of Donald Trump, although this is taking a bit longer than our flesh might hope.

      • Agreed.  If God should allow Donald Trump to fail, I believe he would be allowing Satan to set up the anti-Christ kingdom ahead of time, before the church is prepared.  The fact that the church is unprepared for what would be a major test of faith is reflected in the fact that many in the church are now unprepared for the relatively minor test over the re-inauguration of Donald Trump.  How can we run with the chariots, if we are unable to un with the foot soldiers? [Jeremiah 12:5] The race is a marathon, and the present one is a training for the bigger one.  Thus, we need to thank God for our present trial.  This helps me to understand James 1:2-4 a lot better.

        Other prophets have said that this process is being drawn out in order to expose the extent and depth of the “deep state”.  We can thank God that the events of yesterday have revealed that even the Vice President is not to be trusted. I think a lot more will come out about this.

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