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America: I AM Not in Charge! — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, God’s Word says that the devil shows his kingdoms in chronological order and this present time is the last one, the end of times, because God is eternal and is not bound to ‘time’.
    The devil has a reason to be angry because his time is short.
    “the Devil having brought him up to an high mountain, shewed to him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time Luke 4:5
    Time: Strong’s Greek Number 5550: time; chronos – khron’-os

  2. Thank you Jim for that clear word.  The teaching that God is in control is so prevalent that it just seems to roll easily off the tongue and becomes an excuse for passivity and allows one to shrug off any responsibility for heart-felt, desperate, seeking after God.  It seems to rob one of the deep ache in the heart for pursuing the heart of God in any matter.  Its so easy to say, in whatever situation “Oh well, God’s in control” and simply move on.  I pray the Lord to deliver us from this deception.

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