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America — I Will Turn Your Mourning Into Dancing! — 6 Comments

  1. AMEN and AMEM….thank you for sharing this .  Also I just watched a sermon by Julie Green Ministries for today Nov. 8, 2022 YES! YES! There will be dancing in the streets!!! GLORY TO GOD

  2. It has been exhausting…..Isn’t God right on time! Thank You Sister in Christ! Thank you for building up the Body of Christ with words of Goodness and not what the enemy of our souls desire! God gave me Psalm 37 and many people on this site talked destruction and so it is to the wicked, those who won’t change, won’t see the goodness of God! My hope is in Yeshua Hamachiach. Praise God!

  3. This is so encouraging!! I’m holding on today, this message has blessed me beyond words!!
    Thank you beautiful lady!! :)

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