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  1. I do not and have never been a supporter of abortion. I cast my first presidential vote for Ronald Reagan in 1981 as a one issue voter, against abortion. Thirty years later I quit being the Republican’s patsy.

    I understand the religious right’s stand on abortion. But what do have against healthcare for people? Why the cruelty of separating children from parents with no viable way to reunite them? Why keep children in cages with metallic silver emergency blankets for warmth and comfort?

    In 1989 my son was hit by a car, he was 11. He died on the scene but was revived by a paramedic. He was in a coma, crushed elbow, broken leg, and a skull fracture..He spent 6 weeks in the hospital, 3 weeks in-patient rehab and a year of out patient rehab. When he returned to school he was a special education student.

    After high school he went to college (his 2 sisters are college graduates), he tried but had a serious reaction to the stress and ended up in the hospital and had to drop out. He went to school to be a barber and has worked 5 days a week since his graduation over 20 years. He is married and has children. However until Obamacare he could not get health insurance because of his pre existing condition. He is also a Christian and has attended the same church for 24 years.

    I know intercessory prayer changes things. At least 20 family members and friends were at the hospital in a family room praying for him. He was not supposed to live.

    If you are against affordable insurance that does not leave out a large part of the population why are you and others that think like you not traveling to hospitals and praying for people?

    You and your ilk love to give yourself numerous titles (show me in the Bible where prophets used the title of prophet before their name. And show me where they went to prophecy school), yet very seldom discuss the Spiritual gift of distinguishing between spirits. Why is that?

    And if you all are so sure of your titles why will you not post comments that do not sing your praises?

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