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America: Is Donald Trump God’s Chosen Man for This Time? — 3 Comments

  1. I know that God sometimes uses the ungodly to bring about His purposes, but did it ever occur to anyone that God also allows man to choose who he wants to his own detriment . Ultimately, there is no man or woman that can alter God’s judgement once its set in place.

    America is a wicked, wicked nation. Donald Trump is a wicked, wicked man who takes God’s name in vain, who behind the scenes trashes Evangelicals (see Ben Sasse’s statements and Michael Cohen’s book Disloyal. Additionally, he is not pro-life as promoted and we have yet to stop supporting Planned Parenthood as he said we would . The pandemic is way out of bands with so many deaths. I work in a hospital so I know this isn’t fake. I also see no concern from a President for the people only in how it benefits him even if it means lieing, scheming, degrading medical experts, and the callous approach by which he deals with the topic of the pandemic. Many of his statemnts have bordered on him calling himself a deity. That is blasphemous. With re: to Israel, the first time any portion of the Israeli gov’t disagrees with him, he will dissolve the ties.

    Now, with regard to Joe Biden. I am disturbed by the pro-choice and LGBTQ rites agenda and by his former connection to Obama. However, I have been praying for Joe Biden as I feel he has a teachable spirit very different from Trump. A person can only change when they realize they have a need to change. Pride must be abandoned and repentance must occur. Remember, Trump when asked, said he never felt the need to repent.

    Ultimately, our hope is in Jesus, but not in this world system. There is a plan for the remnant but America is Babylon and we know what happens to her! So, we may be speculating about America’s election, when our bigger concern is what happens next. Are we closer than ever to the appearance of the Antichrist ? Who will stand? We can only depend on Jesus not man! He will give us His perfect grace to endure whatever may come and place us with like individuals who can help and nurture us. God bless you all! Keep fighting the good fight!

  2. Please brother, get in touch with Prophet T.B. Joshua in Nigeria to pray for you and God will instantly heal you. Shalom.

  3. The church is divided regarding the President. I personally believe Donald Trump is “God’s Chosen Man for This Time”. There’s still much to be done in the US & globally. The President seems to be one of the very few available courageous & willing to take the hits and keep on ticking. I pray his victory is too large to be questioned. And that God continues to use him for His purposes. One of those purpose is truly to be a defender and friend to Israel. Amen!

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