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America: Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment — 2 Comments

  1. Let Justice Run Down like a River and Righteousness like a Mighty Stream! Amos 5:24! 
    God Hates Injustice & HE loves Justice.
    We Trust Him to Deal With This sin as well as All the Other sins that we Now see manifesting!
    Let God Arise – His enemies be Scattered!!!☝️

  2. I once had a revelation of that Satan’s kingdom now is working through the “spirit of accusation and self pity”, spirits of the same kind which can not work apart from each other.
    These are witch craft spirits which keeps other people in a constant feeling of ‘guilt’ and themselves in a constant (and untouchable) position of being victims.

    Jesus says that this is a sign of the kingdoms that rises against each other so one have to take notice of the spirits behind these things and not be deceived to take sides because the Spirit of Christ as well as the Spirit of Satan has no visible color.

    “ye do not discern (appearance or color of their) faces in judgment…ye are not afraid of the face of any,” Deut. 1:17

    For nation (ethnos) shall rise against nation (ethnos), and (Satan’s)kingdom against (God’s) Kingdom,” Matt.24:7

    NATION: Strong’s Greek Number 1484: ethnos – eth’-nos, probably from 1486; a race

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