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America Repent! The Kingdom of Heaven comes! — 1 Comment

  1. I am so blessed to receive this word of the Lord from Brother Ken.  My Lord Jesus has shown me so many similar things.  Especially that the Kingdom is NOT AMERICA.  The Kingdom of Zion of our Lord & Savior King Jesus is upon the Throne of David in JERUSALEM, ISRAEL.  Where He will receive all the nations of the world as His inheritance to rule and reign over them with a scepter of righteousness.  When I was 12 years old, I received a heavenly vision of Jesus who is called Faithful & True, The King of Glory on the White WAR Horse of Holiness in Revelation 19:11 and this coming fall marks the 50th anniversary of that event.  It is such a tragedy that there is so little fearful reverance of our Holy God found in America today.  Multitudes are unaware of the ‘Terror of the Lord’ that is soon to suddenly fall upon a reprobate and depraved world. But we, beloved have a better inheritance as we look for our Beautiful Bridegroom Yeshua/Jesus who has promised He is coming quickly.  Watch for Him and with Him in prayer.  Ask for the fullnesss of the Gentiles to be brought to faith and made complete.  Blessings from a Daughter of Zion

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