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America: Seven-Fold Restoration & Kingdom Reformation! — 12 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message from the Holy Spirit.  A much needed ray of hope during these challenging times.  We’re all Job…remaining faith-filled, in this together, keeping our eyes upon the Lord.

  2. Hi again Veronica.
    I just wanted to share what the Lord has shown me today, physically, about the double portion of 7-fold restoration!!
    My brother just moved home from California back to Northern Minnesota where he purchased a house on a lake.
    Early this morning, I went out to sit on the dock and meditate on the Lord. A beautiful flock of (7) pure white geese flew over the lake on the other side, I prayed to the Lord to please direct them this way, they immediately shifted direction and flew overhead…BEAUTIFUL!! The Spirit immediately reminded me of your restoratiin word. I was amazed!! Right after that two mallard ducks flew directly overhead. I asked the Lord, “hmmm…double portion Lord?” And then i thought “but their ducks not geese.” Mere minutes later two more white geese flew directly at me from the other side of the lake directly over my head!!
    I just LOVE it when the Spirit speaks to me through His Creation.
    Some might say it was mere coincidence. I say to them, that’s okay, I don’t need their approval to receive the Goodness of my Lord and King!!
    It is a DOUBLE 7FOLD RETURN of all the thief has stolen and I receive and believe it THANK YOU ABBA!!!! :D

  3. Just yesterday, before reading this, I was thinking about Job… which, I don’t really randomly think about Job—I believe Holy Spirit was confirming ahead of time to me this prophecy! I was thinking about Job’s wife, and how much more he must have suffered to have his own wife tell him to give up, and curse God… I thought, if things weren’t bad enough, his own wife betrayed him by stabbing him with this wicked advice!!  It must have made his suffering that much worse!

  4. A repayment for theft by God’s law is to repay 7-fold.  You speak about what is going to be restored that the enemy has stolen.  I would not second guess our Father, don’t sell yourself short.  A seven-fold restoration is very real.

  5. My God thank You for this!! I desperately needed to hear this!! The anguish in the night hours have been much more than I can bare…thank God His shoulders are Biggest!!
    That I am functioning at all is a miracle, but the Peace, Love, and even Joy He has provided is surely the Table in the very presence of my enemies.
    Thank you beautiful daughter of God!!
    You are a gift Veronica!!
    Every Word is a drop of Lifes Water to a very very dry sponge.
    I started reading through Job a few days ago, I’m only on chapter 8…but 42 is coming very soon hallelujah!!

  6. We are but common sparrows in a land of vultures and saw scaled vipers; here in a land we love, but the enemy has stolen. G-d Bless America and thank you Veronika!

  7. Dear Sister. Praise the Lord! I found you here. Facebook removed this post this morning, while I was reading it!
    America is rising from the ash heap! To God be the Glory.
    Thank you for sharing. God bless you and keep you and yours! MAY His face shine upon you and direct your paths

  8. Those who would say, I quote, “America, just curse God and die, for surely He has forsaken you” are surely those who love America – and this present world – more than God. They are also evident believers in God, but those who would also curse God when they perceive that things are not going their own way. This is surely part of the separation in the “Church” between those who truly love God and those who really love the world.

    • Those who would curse God are the ‘Lukewarm Christians’ or the ‘Christians In Name Only’ or People who are not Christians At All!! The Lord has said that He is tired of the ‘Lukewarm Christians’ and He is wanting BOLD Christians to be His new EKKLESIA, His Remnant Army of Prayer Intercessors,& His Watchmen on the Wall. He is asking us to STAND STRONG, to HOLD THE LINE, to TAKE HEART, TO PRAISE, WORSHIP,PRAY & to BELIEVE IN HIS COMING VICTORY!! AMEN!
      We must also Pray for those who have eyes blinded that they too will be rescued & saved and join in with the zealous Believers. Pray , ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Free them from the hands of Satan. I declare & decree that the scales of deception fall from their eyes and they see the Glory of the Lord descending on our Nation & then the World. I raise a Hallelujah in the Presence of my Enemy!!  Amen!’

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