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  1. Just this morning a warning – I cannot verify. Could be exaggeration .
    Brighteon Broadcast News, Mar 24, 2023 – In studio special forces operator reveals US under active INVASION right this minute
    – In-studio interview with special forces operator “HiCap” who runs ops for border protection in Texas
    – America is under active invasion as military-aged men from China and the Middle East increasingly cross the border
    – Domestic sabotage operations, preparing for CONUS war and world war
    – War on crypto accelerates as Do Kwon is arrested overseas
    – Why the FDIC is already bankrupt and will soon only have 1/1000th of the funds needed to cover US deposits
    – Why hypersonic weapons are the new “super weapon” of war, and US aircraft carriers can all be destroyed in minutes
    – Interview with Dr. Jane Ruby who is launching new channels and shows
    – Dr. Jane Ruby will be joining Brighteon.TV on April 17th

  2. Awesome! Great words of hope for our great nation, America, Let freedom ring out loud and clear to all those who are still sitting on the fence of indecisions. Our nation is and has been a God-fearing nation and we the people know we are fighting against the evil one. So Come Lord Jesus. Heal and deliver our land.

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