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America: The Curse Will Be Reversed — 26 Comments

  1. I’m fairly new to the Prophetic Word. It’s only been since 2021 when I was looking any and everywhere for “Answers”. I soon realized that the alternative News creators on YouTube couldn’t explain what we saw November 3rd. It was that ‘vacuum’ from Truth that gave way to my being lead to Amanda Grace. Through Amanda came “His Glory”, which led to Elijah Streams, then Prophet Robin. This was when I realized that God was speaking through His Prophets and secular YT personalities had no idea what God was about to do‼️
    Sometimes I feel like I’m overwhelmed, but that’s just the Enemy wanting to discourage me from staying on track with what the Lord has in store for those that endure to the End‼️ And as I’m strengthened by His Word, I will endure.

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