America: The Elephant will Ride on the Donkey’s Back! — 8 Comments

  1. Your not mad at all. God woke me at 5am today. Sent me directly to Revelations and deep journaling. Then video pops up on my phone as I was finishing reading. It is on 13 bloodlines and the power of money. Then when it got to Trumpets guess what word was illuminated…
    Veil feels almost non existant today!! RAISE THE VIBE HUMANS
    dark to LIGHT

    • Reading that book on the thirteen bloodlines. Also am reading the Judgment of Nephilim. That’s where those bloodlines originated. It ALL started in the garden of Eden! The satan the temtpted Eve was the geniuses of these bloodlines. All biblically based. Truly eye opening.

  2. I am already seeing this happening in a number of news articles. God is exposing the donkey’s and their agendas. Praise God for a Christian President.

  3. It could be man’s wisdom or it could be God’s foolishness. When Jesus rode on the back of a donkey, you had the greatest wisdom and the greatest foolishness together. With God’s wisdom, I can be wise. Without God’s wisdom, I can be foolish.

  4. My dear sister …if you truly were bonkers…the Lord’s finest lover and Father’s heart would not be anxiously awaiting your every next post!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing what the Lord has shown and told me months ago. Watch and see what the Lord will do. Haven’t had glory bumps like this in a while. The anointing is so strong in this post!