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America: The Return of The King — 7 Comments

  1. LORD, LET YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN & NOT OURS! Thank God that HE holds the Heart of a King in HiS HAND- & Like the Rivers of water-HE can Turn it Anyway HE Wants! Lord Please continue to TURN the Hearts of ALL MEN – especially those in Leadership & Those who want to be in Leadership – to lead Your People -& Give them a Heart Like David- A Man after YOUR OWN HEART, LORD JESUS! let there more of the SAUL TO PAUL Conversions, NOW in JESUS ❣️☝✝️

  2. Coming soon and very soon! He is opening doors no man can shut. Thanks Chris for this confirming word so similar to was I was given about two weeks before Christmas. Happy New Year to you and Linda! Sandi

  3. Thank you for sharing. At the appointed time and nothing can stop it…if Mr. Trump receives the help. Godly help. Blessings to your tribe for an amazing year in 2024

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