America, this is your invitation to Repent and turn to Me


Throughout history there is a story of many great nations.  These nations are recorded, but they either no longer exist or they are no longer in power.  At the height of their triumphs, no one could imagine that it would not last and yet it never did.

Now the cities of these once great nations are buried beneath centuries of dirt.  The ideals they sought to advance are no longer observed or even remembered by many.  Each has suffered its demise even as new nations have been raised in its place.  This pattern has persisted throughout history.  What has been will be again.  Nothing is new under the sun.

So why is it that the citizens of this once great nation cling to the status that is quickly fading away?  Why do they believe this nation will break the cycle that has existed since the beginning?

Regarding the Rulers the LORD States:

“I tell you the truth, blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.  No nation that has continued exalting Me has fallen.  This is because unlike the kingdoms of this world, My Kingdom will never fall.  Honor the King and His eternal Kingdom and I will remember you and your temporal one. 

Yet your rulers and your people do not honor Me.  They rebel against My laws and My statutes.  To replace them, they have enacted their own laws.  While laws as a whole are meant to set a righteous standard and to promote order, the laws of these wicked men reflect only chaos and disorder.  What they herald as the rule of law is spiritual and physical anarchy.  Lawlessness is the law of the land.

In their pride, the rulers of this land have continued pursuing greatness even as they have brought shame to My laws, My name, and My people.  Surely these men I shall forget in My kingdom.  Their memories will be buried with their bodies.  Nothing about them shall live on.

The handwriting is on the wall.  You have been weighed and found wanting.  As such the days of your kingdom are numbered.  In fact they are few.  Even now the enemy burrows in from beneath your feet.  Your days of wine and merriment have come to an end.  The great walls on which you have relied have failed you.  Your own words shall be used as a testimony against you for all that you have done.  Your days of greatness are no more.”

To the People of This Land the LORD Says:

“Now to the people of this land I say, “You have allowed your lust and your greed to overtake you to the point that it is these things which give you meaning and purpose.  Yet when you search your hearts there is only fear and desperation.  Beneath your insatiable lusts is a hole that cannot be filled by anything of this world.  No matter how much treasure you store up the moth is greater.  He who has much will suffer much loss.  Forsake your lusts and the greed that drives them.  Only then will you find eternal treasure.

Your apathy is a stench in My nostrils.  Do you not see that as you have remained silent everything of lasting value has been stolen from you?  You have placed your trust in man and then turned a blind eye to the wickedness that your leaders legislate into law.  You say to yourself, ‘Nothing can be done.’  True.  If you do nothing than nothing can be done.  Do you not yet see the price of your complacency?  You shall and when you do you will weep and mourn.  This is certain but the question that remains is this, ‘Will you weep and mourn unto repentance?  Will you turn your face towards Me?’

Nothing you have done cannot be forgiven.  My heart is to see you repent so that I may heal you.  To be sure you will suffer loss but believe Me when I tell you that you shall do so with rejoicing in your hearts.  For what is lost cannot compare with what you will gain.  Oh, people of America this is your invitation to repent and turn to Me.  I AM the righteous and compassionate ruler and the only one who can heal your hearts and your land.”

To Those Who Proclaim Christ the LORD says:

Now to My people who are called by My name I advise, “Forsake your citizenship in this temporal earthly kingdom and declare your allegiance unto My eternal Kingdom.”  In the days which are to come, only those who bear the passport of My kingdom will move freely, crossing borders as needed for the King’s business.  You will receive the King’s seal when you declare your complete allegiance unto Me.

I AM jealous but I AM also protective of My own.  In the trials to come, it is I who will be your strong tower.  It is I who will act as a shield and a rampart.  As the enemy surges across this land, it is I who will turn him back upon himself.  Decide on this day to put the full weight of your trust in Me and you will not be disappointed.  You will not be forsaken.

The day hastens.  It comes quickly, but like a thief in the night it will not be seen until it is already upon you.  The days of elections are quickly coming to a close.  They are leading to the days of execution.  Be sure the kingdoms of this earth will fall, but My kingdom shall remain.  It is My kingdom that knows no end.”



~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!

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