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  1. So many prophets saw Trump having two terms. I am reminded of 1960. Jeanne Dixon, who was a famous prophet at the time saw Nixon winning the presidency and when Kennedy won, people thought she got it wrong but what they did not realize is that she was seeing further ahead. Visions of the future do not always say when they will happen. Jeanne Dixon foresaw the Kennedy assassination in Dallas and when she warned the White House she was ignored, but got visits from the FBI after asking how she knew afterwards. She also predicted the fall of communism in Russia, the reunification of Germany and many other things that happened. The prophets that were told Trump will heve two terms were not told they would be consecutive terms, just as Nixon was elected president later in 1968, Trump will be re-elected later in 2024.
    When God decides, it is done.

  2. Victoria, I hesitate to give my dream, it might cause action where we don’t want it. 
    Your mention of siloes reminded me that after the election, the patriots, some Republicans, were looking for hidden votes. I prayed about helping them find them. In my dream that night,I saw three or four men dressed in suits, park cars after dark at one of the voting buildings. It was like a re-run of a news video that had been someone’s phone video, after voting hours.  They went inside.I saw stairs along the wall or some kind of a ramp that ran to the ceiling, a square hole was in the ceiling, like the ramp took ballots up to the next floor.  Suddenly the building was raw old wood, and high like grain siloes.
    One of the men took out a lighter or match and said,”Shall we torch the whole thing?”  He did not light it.  I woke up.
    People reading this in GA and grain country, look in old siloes, high up. May God bless our country and His prophets.  Thanks for sharing your visions. I shared mine with Dutch Sheets on his site.  He and others have shared dreams on his site. I have witness to the shaking to come; shaking in ones life situation and actual shaking.  We had quite an earth quake, here in Idaho in 2020. Pray and intercede for those shut in at home, that they will be led to our Father in Heaven and I still stand that President Trump will serve four more years, God will bring out the truth and expose wickedness before we get to use His glory and His miracles.  Angels have come to assist. Thanks be to our Lord.

  3. I can’t begin to tell you what all this has meant to me. God has opened my eyes and thank you for sharing. This is amazing. i have to tell you what the Lord showed me last Friday night. Today is Wednesday the 25th of November.  So that would have been November 20th.  i don’t typically drink coffee but it sounded so good. So i stopped at my local stand because i had my stamp card with me and either it would be free or close to it. Anyway i was driving and the parking lot of full if people walking and driving. i drive slowly and i was listening yo the lates about president Trump in my phone. So iI had to really pay attention. Well all of a sudden i looked up. i don’t know why but the Lord was telling me to look up. i could see some kind of swirling clouds and it look like something. And i said what’s that , but there was no one just me talking to the Lord. And all of a sudden i seen a horse and i said it’s a horse Lord. i remember it was pitch black outside. This cloud was the horse and it was surrounded by blackness of the sky.  I knew in my spirit God had shown me a sign. But i didn’t really know what yet. So that was Friday night. Sunday my friend called me to help her put her tree up. She picked me up and i told her about what i had seen. Last year she asked me about Jesus and i led her through the sinners prayer. So anyway we get to her apartment and i look on my facebook , just checking things out and someone had sent a character of President Trump on a horse with a sign saying Biden 666 Meet your Doom. Trump was i dressed like a warrior and the horse was the horse God showed me in the sky Friday night. I showed my friend and she said it gave her goose bumps.  I know that was a sign because God works that way in my life. He’s shown me other things. i just wanted to share that with you. God Bless


  5. Hi Veronica. I’ve been closely watching with great expectancy what the Lord is revealing through you. Concerning the Word I’ve now seen posted time and again, about the rats, it immediately brought me to a dream I had about 2 yrs ago. I was at a cousins farm, I was shown the barn in perfect order, clean, with haybails stacked neatly. I was led by the Spirit to the shed but it was dark, I reached into the shed and began to dig a key out of a pillar, embedded in concrete. When I got the key out the light was turned on and I was shocked to see floor to ceilings rats, fast asleep. I was again taken to the clean barn where I was met with a smiling, almost hopping skipping Jesus with a box full of rat poison, with a couple extras on top of the box.
    I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.  5 years ago I was called out of the world to intercede. What a ride it’s been. Day and night, 24/7 persecution.
    God is my Everything, my Great Reward.
    Thank you for your obedience to pray for us…and all the Nations!!!
    May He richly reward you.
    Blessings beautiful lady:)

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