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America: Trump and His Mighty Men! — 11 Comments

  1. Thank you Veronika!  We have followed you for many years.  We know by THE SPIRIT OF GOD, that you have a pure heart before the FATHER!  We thank God for you and your obedience!!

  2. Thank you because I saw a vision (before i started acting bad) of Jesus’s hand with a hole in it over heaven. So mysterious and beautiful. But I fail Him so much. I hope that good things happen to my spirit so I can do Gods will again…whatever that means. I was also surprised a woman wrote this article. Hallelujah

  3. There is a prophet in the United States that prophesied that a whirlwind is coming.  God has given him many dreams about a whirlwind. Your prophesy about a whirlwind is confirmation in my mind that it will be sudden and swift when God moves.  I have been watching and praying and sometimes it seems hopeless,but I know we serve an awesome God so I will continue to wait and pray!  Thank you for your obedience in delivering the word of God.

  4. Thank you for letting God give you a heart of love, intercession, courage and a willingness to prophesy His Word for our USA!
    These Words have given me courage and hope many times especially this past year when so many people near me and public voices were saying such hopeless things. Holy Spirit in me always witnessed to what God was saying through you. God is fighting for us and always faithful to do what he has promised! PTL!!

  5. Thank you for that encouraging word Veronika. I’m standing and believing that the Fear of the Lord is going to touch our nation through what God is doing in the States. I’m excited and awed by our Wonderful God’s plans.

  6. I am in exile from my church at present due to my pastor disagreeing with me about prophets and Donald Trump. God has taken me from the intercessors group and the Sunday zoom session and at first I felt I was running away and it seemed wrong but after 4 weeks I am much closer to God and still believe what you believe Veronika.
    Ironically it was my pastor who fist introduced me to His Kingdom Prophecy a year ago.
    Please Pray for My Pastor Simon that his beliefs will be in alignment with Gods.  I think he is a bit stressed and confused. God is so great and the enemy is on the rampage. thank you .

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